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In order to keep hand tied hair extensions looking beautiful and luscious, care and maintenance are non negotiable. Caring for your extensions will increase their longevity. Below are some guidelines on how to take care of your hand tied extensions:


Cleaning: Regularly cleanse your hair with sulfate free shampoo that is safe for extensions. Make sure not to scrub the wefts. Instead you should wash your roots and then squeeze the suds through your extensions. Be sure to pair your shampoo with a hydrating conditioner that you work through your mids and ends. Allow the conditioner to sit on your hair for around 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


Preparing Damp Hair: Post cleaning, hand tied extensions will hold a lot of water so it’s imperative that you gently towel dry your hair after cleansing and conditioning. The best method is to softly squeeze with a towel to dry up excess water. Then the hair can be allowed to air dry. Once the hair is around 80-90% dry, you may continue drying with a blow dryer. Make sure the top of the wefts are completely dried.


Detangling and Brushing: It’s imperative to brush your hair several times a day to prevent matting and tangling. The best method is to work in sections by lifting up the rows of hair to ensure they don’t become entangled. You should also detangle from the ends up towards your roots and avoid brushing the applications near the scalp. It’s helpful while brushing to hold the base of your extensions against your head with one hand for support. 

Using Products: Because extensions are made of natural hair they have a tendency to become dry. Keeping your hair hydrated will be essential. Your moisturization can be two-fold. First apply a light leave-in conditioner to make detangling a breeze and protect your delicate strands from damage. Next, use a clear serum or oil to nourish both the ends of your extensions as well as your natural hair. 

If your natural hair feels dry, do not reach for a protein-based product. Avoid protein treatments as they’re not only necessary but will also leave wefts feeling coarse and even more brittle.

Blow Drying: When blowdrying your extensions, it’s essential that you go row by row. You can utilize a paddle brush or a round brush to get the job done. The use of this tool will help your extensions and natural hair blend seamlessly in the drying process. Ensure that each row is completely dry to avoid discomfort.

Heat Styling: Now that you have long, luscious locks you also have lots of amazing hairstyling options! For those that love soft, romantic curls or waves, you’ll be happy to know that curls in extensions have longer hold. Before grabbing the curling iron, be sure to apply an effective heat protectant to both your extensions and natural hair. It is also recommended that you use the lowest setting possible to achieve your results so that your hair doesn’t become damaged or tarnished by heat.

Protecting your Extensions:  Each night before bed, apply around 3 to 4 pumps of hair oil or serum to the midshaft and ends of your hair. In order to avoid tangling while you rest, gently brush hair and braid it into one or two braids.  

If you’re an avid swimmer, soak your hair in a nourishing leave-in conditioner or mask before hitting the water. Comb the product through your hair for even distribution and put it in a bun or braid. After your swim, rinse your hair thoroughly.
Although hand tied hair extensions do require daily maintenance, it will be a breeze once you establish a routine. The result of your extra effort will be beautiful, drool-worthy hair.

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